Health Benefits of Green Banana Flour

How wonderful it is when an ingredient is good for you and easy to use! This is true of green banana flour.
Green banana flour has a 'flat' taste so it has very little impact on the taste of the food or drink it is added to, making it very appealing to use regularly.

It is a very good replacement for wheat making gluten-free eating that bit easier.

All bananas have health benefits, but the green unripe ones have several benefits that are not found in ripe bananas and vice versa.

Below I discuss the various benefits of green banana flour. The flour is made by drying and grinding green bananas. So the flour retains the same benefits of green bananas.

Healthy Gut/Colon:

This is probably the most important benefit of making banana flour a regular addition to your diet.
A healthy gut goes a long way to improving the health of the entire body.

Green bananas are very high in Resistant Starch (RS2) , a type of starch that is 'resists' digestion in the small intestines and so  passes along to the large intestines. Once there it acts as a prebiotic or food for the good bacteria in your gut.

Also resistant starch gets fermented by gut bacteria forming short chain fatty-acids and giving off a substance called butyrate  which acts as food for the cells in the colon.
So resistant starch not only feeds the good bacteria in your gut, it also produces food for your cells thereby promoting overall colon health.

Resistant Starch could thus reduce the chances of colon cancer, which is the fourth most common cancer death worldwide

Unripe bananas are considered to be the highest resistant starch non-processed food. The Resistant Starch in our green bananas is 66% per 100g which is very high indeed. 

The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIRO) together with Inspiring Australia and Chris Hammang have created an animated video that clearly shows how resistant starch feeds the good bacteria in the gut.

Please watch the 4 minute video below.

Gluten Free:

Banana flour is naturally gluten free. If you have ever had to go gluten free for any length of time, you will know that there is still quite a limited choice of gluten free foods.

The most difficult meal for me was breakfast, partly due to not having much time in the morning but also because of a lack of quick gluten free choices.

With banana flour you can have pancakes, instant banana flour porridge, and banana flour smoothies, all of which are very quick to make.

Blood Sugar/Diabetes:

Green bananas virtually contain no sugar making them ideal for those on low sugar diets. However as the bananas ripen, the starch is converted into sugar.

But most importantly, resistant starch improves the body’s response to insulin (insulin sensitivity), and may therefore assist in the control of and possibly prevention of type 2 diabetes.

Weight Management:

Resistant starch makes you feel fuller for longer and may help your body burn fat. Resistant starch has fewer calories when compared to regular starch.

Eating resistant starch also produces what is called the ‘second meal effect’ meaning that if you eat RS at breakfast the benefits are still present at the next meal.


All bananas are naturally high in potassium and manganese, which are useful for breaking down carbohydrates and maintaining normal body growth. Potassium is also an electrolyte so may help the body conduct electricity and improve heart function.

They are also high in Vitamin B6 which helps the body turn food into energy and metabolize fat among other things.

Overall Wellbeing

Healthy intestines results in more nutrients being absorbed particularly calcium. It could therefore help those suffering with osteoporosis. 
Bananas also contain several other nutrients like Vitamin C and Vitamin A

Community Development

Buying our banana flour helps the hard working rural farmers in Uganda. This is because the organisation that produces this flour works directly with rural farmers giving them access to science-led processing and sustainable value addition.

They are being helped to access profitable markets resulting in them increasing their household income.

So using green banana flour will benefit you firstly but will also result in benefits for others.