Gluten Free Food List

Why is there a need for a gluten free food list? Well read on..

What is Gluten?

Gluten is a name given to the proteins found in certain foods mainly wheat, rye and barley. Gluten is important for binding food together.

Some people have a life long condition called celiac disease where their immune system attacks their small intestines if they eat gluten. For these people it is extremely important that they avoid gluten.
Other people may have wheat gluten intolerance and so eating it may make them unwell even though they have not been diagnosed with celiac disease.

For others, avoiding gluten is just a personal choice. For the majority of people eating gluten is not harmful at all. Some pwople wrongly think that gluten free foods are healthier. This is not true.

The western diet relies heavily on the use of gluten so if you are on a gluten-free diet you have to be smart when choosing what to eat.

Your best safety measure by far is to get into the habit of reading the labels of everything. No doubt this is a lot of work but it is the only way to be absolutely certain the food is safe for you to eat.

And anyway you only have to it when buying something for the first time. After that the next time you shop you will already know what foods you can or can’t have.

I would still check periodically the ingredients of my favourites in case they have changed the ingredients.

Use the gluten free food list below only as a guide, it does not cover everything. Your best bet is still to read the label because manufacturers sometimes change their recipes.

Foods that naturally contain Gluten


Including other forms of wheat like;

• wheat germ, wheat bran, wheat starch, spelt, couscous, gnocchi (most recipes are made with potato and wheat flour)
• semolina, matzo meal, kamut, durum and several other varieties

Barley: is a chewy and nutty grain that is used mostly for brewing beer but also for is added to food.

Rye: Rye is a wheat-like plant whose grain is used for flour, bread and beer.

Bulgur wheat: made from groats of wheat that are boiled then dried.

Oats: Although oats are naturally gluten-free, they get contaminated with wheat gluten during farming and processing. So some people who don’t tolerate wheat may also not tolerate oats. Some eat oats and they don’t get any problems at all.

Soups, sauces and Gravies

These are really difficult to watch out for and usually contain ‘hidden’ gluten. So again your safest course is to read the label! Don’t assume they have no gluten.

List of Naturally Gluten Free Grains

The good news is there are lots of grains that are naturally gluten free!

• Rice including wild rice.
• Millet
• Sorghum
• Quinoa
• Buckwheat (the name is misleading; it doesn’t contain wheat so it is gluten-free!)
• Amaranth
• Corn
• Teff
• Flaxseeds/linseed
• Chia

Other Naturally Gluten-free foods

The list here is pretty long! Basically all fruit and vegetables and meats that are not processed. These include:

• Beans, Peas, nuts, Soya,
• All vegetables
• All fruit
• Unprocessed meat and Dairy
• Eggs
• Cheese
• Seafood
• Raw Potatoes (for processed potatoes like oven chips, roast potatoes, croquets, etc you will have to read on the label as some do contain added wheat)

Some ingredients that are not tolerated by some people

• Oats (including oat bran)
• Malt vinegar, malt extracts
• Soy sauce
• Some starches used as fillers

Gluten Free Snacks


• Some varieties of potato crisps (you must read the labels because some add gluten)
• Roasted nuts
• Popcorn
• Rice crackers
• Corn crackers/tortilla chips
• Roasted soya beans
• Vegetable sticks with humus
• Cheese


• Chocolate (watch out as some chocolate bars do have gluten)
• Dried fruit
• Sweets
• Yoghurt

Gluten free drinks

• Fresh Juice/ squash
• Water
• Milk
• Some fizzy drinks (read the label)
• Wines and ciders and other distilled alcohol
• Gluten-free Beer

It may be safer to make your own snacks and treats and there are several gluten-free flours you can use.
Our Green banana Flour is gluten-free and is excellent for baking.

It is important to note that this list does not contain all the foods that are gluten-free. Manufactures are constantly changing their recipes and new gluten free foods are always coming onto the market.

It is therefore a good idea to get into the habit of always reading the label especially when buying something for the first time or one that you haven’t bought in a long time.
It is especially important if you are diagnosed as having celiac disease.

I will keep updating this page and if you notice any gluten free foods that you fell should be on this list, I would be grateful to you to if you could let me know.

Other readers of this website do thank you!