About Banana Health Ltd.

At Banana Health we are very passionate about healthy whole foods. 

We are based in England, UK ,  but the founder of banana health spent over 25 years in East Africa and developed a strong love and understanding of whole foods. We work closely with farmers to ensure quality and taste of our products. 

We also work very closely with our clients to ensure that they get good value; high quality products at very reasonable prices. Always.   

We distribute green banana flour to food manufacturing companies in Europe and Asia. We also distribute Vanilla beans, powder and extracts. We have a monthly capacity to supply up to 20 tonnes. 

We can supply 'one off' orders but we also usually supply contracted orders.

We handle all shipping and handling to any destination worldwide by sea or by air.

Please Contact us to discuss how Banana Health can source your ingredients.

A bunch of banana

The world is getting ‘smaller’ due to technology and we are now able to learn about and try cuisines from other continents, particularly so if they are healthy.

So I hope that you enjoy adding our products to your recipes. I also hope that your health improves as a result.

Check out our recipes and try them. Explore and use the flour in your own recipes.

Thank for your interest.