My Story

Hello! Welcome. My name is Angela Stuart and I am the author of

I am very passionate about green bananas. You could say I am bananas about bananas

This is my story.

I am originally from Uganda, and that is how my passion with bananas started.
You see, Uganda is the world’s largest consumer of bananas. It is estimated that an average Ugandan consumes about 0.70kg (1.5lb) of bananas daily.  

I know! It does sound a bit unbelievable but it is true! Green bananas are eaten everyday in Uganda. Sometimes more than once a day.

Bananas are a staple there, but they are also a delicacy!  To Ugandans food is green bananas.

Why did I decide to embark on building this website?

Well, years ago I met and fell in love with an English man :-) and we settled in England. As wonderful as England is, there are some things about Uganda that I still miss, green bananas being one of them!

With my family in Uganda

Recently, Uganda developed the technology required to process green bananas into green banana flour! Unlike green bananas, this flour has a long shelf life and is easy to ship!
So I was excited to try this flour to see if it is as good as the green bananas it is made from.

Honestly, I was blown away by the results! The first thing I made was pancakes and they were fabulous! They were so light and so tasty. I also made steamed puddings and they were just great. Everyone wanted seconds.

After that I tried more recipes and each time I was pleased with the results.

This gave me the determination to create a website that  is dedicated to green banana flour.

Next I learnt the various health benefits of green bananas that most people are not aware of. I want to share these with you.
I am not a health professional. But where I quote scientific facts I will try to provide proof of those claims from the experts.

Most of all I guess I am just keen to see a food that I know and love and one that is a staple in my home country become available to other people.

A bunch of banana

The world is getting ‘smaller’ due to technology and we are now able to learn about and try cuisines from other continents, particularly so if they are healthy.

So I hope that you enjoy adding green banana flour to your meals. I also hope that your health improves as a result.

Check out our recipes and try them. Explore and use the flour in your own recipes.

Thank for your interest.